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Martina Buso, Serena Cristofori, Anna Roncaglia, Cecilia Scandola, Valentina Turri.
We are 5 students attending the first year of « Mediazione linguistica per le imprese e il turismo» at the University of Trento.


After attending the course of lingua inglese I (C) «An Introduction of ESP», lectured by Sabrina Fusari, we worked as a group in order to create this wiki « Analysis of Restaurant Advertisements».

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Analyse seven different types of texts dealing with restaurant advertisements and sales promotions.
The methods we used are based on the lectures taught by Sabrina Fusari with references to
«Writing Science: Literacy and Discoursive Power» by M.A Halliday, Martin and
«La Traduzione Specializzata. Lingue Speciali e Mediazione Linguistica» Scarpa.


All the members have played an important role in the creation of this wiki, thanks to interaction between us, work-cooperation and enthusiasm.
Together we have decided to divide the tasks between us.
Martina, Serena, Cecilia e Valentina have analysed one advertisement individually and one in couples, while Anna has examined only a single text as it was the most demanding.

Hope you enjoy it!

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