Bella Roma Restaurant

We have worked together in order to analyse the Sales Promotion "Bella Roma Restaurant" with the Genre Analysis.


The first step is to examine the three main components of meaning, which are:

FIELD: this text is an advertisement of a restaurant which has won the Food Award 2008.
It serves Italian food and offers 300 free bottles of Italian wine only during September.

TENOR: the advertisement does not want to establish a contact with the addressees, but only to inform them about the event. For that reason the offer of the Restaurant is described through short statements with the passive form, because it makes language more impersonal and objective ("Choose from Rosso Passo or Colle de Tigli", "Available to the first 30 groups of two or more dining…", "Only available while stocks last", "September bookings now being taken"). However, the text contains also polite expressions, for example "You can enjoy the wine the chilled with your meal, or take a bottle away to enjoy and later" and "With best wishes from all the staff at Bella Roma Restaurant". Moreover there are two pictures of both the bottles of wine offered that give immediately the idea of the topic of the advertisement.

MODE: the title "Bella Roma" is eye-catching because it is written in italics and bold.
The whole text, written in italics, and the layout, developing through the centre of the sheet, convey an idea of elegance and refinement.
The main points of the offer made by the Bella Roma Restaurant, or rather when ("September offer") and what ("Rosso Passo 2006", "Colle de Tigli"), are put into squares and with the images of the bottles of wine in the background in order to underline the purpose of the advertisement.

Now we are going to analyse the Move Structure in this advertisement:

  • Headline: the tiltle Bella Roma attracts the reader's attention as it is bigger than the rest of the text, in bold and italics.
  • Targeting the market: the targeting is made through the main points of the offer, which have been examined in the mode. Therefore the potential customer is a person who loves drinking good Italian wine.
  • Justifying product/service: the importance of the product/service is explained in the sentences "We have 300 FREE bottles of wine to give away" and "You can enjoy the wine the chilled with your meal, or take a bottle away to enjoy and later".
  • Detailing the product/service: the advertisement gives the details of the wines offered (see the image).
  • Offering incentives: the consumer is provided incentives to come to the restaurant because of the special limited offer of the 300 free bottles of wine.
  • Soliciting response: "Bring this leaflet with you to claim your free bottle of wine". This statement is situated at the bottom of the page, in yellow and surrounded by a black frame, in opposition to the rest of the text.

Cecilia Scandola
Valentina Turri

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