Sunday Carvery


What I've tried to do here is to analyse the advertisement "Sunday Carvery" with the Genre Analysis.
The handout is attached down here.

"Sunday Carvery" belongs to the so called promotional texts and in particular to the advertisements.

As an introduction to our analysis it will be useful to define the field, the tenor and the mode of this text:


this text is an advertisement of a restaurant which opens on Sundays.
It serves especially roasted meat, as suggests the heading.
It is clear that the addresser tries to persuade people to eat at this particular restaurant characterised by cheap prices and fresh healthy food.


The communication is direct and the language aims at involving the potential customer in a familiar and welcoming restaurant
e.g.: the repetition of "our".
At the same time the addressee is persuaded and attracted by the use of imperatives
e.g: "try our", "select from",dress your starter with", which are written in bold and are eye-catching.


  • Channel: written and prepared.
  • Rethorical mode: persuasive function: the purpose of the text is to convince the addressee to use the product/service of the restaurant.
  • Text structure: the text is divided into 4 paragraphs. Moreover the text structure follows a precise scheme: verb, adjective, substantive.

Each paragraph begins with a verb in bold which gives strength to the statement.
The verb is followed by the adjective which characterises the substantives as fresh, good and healthy
e.g: "homemade soup of the day", "Italian anti-pasti platter", "selection of cherry tomatoes","Mediterranean vegetables", "fresh tomato sauce".


  • Headline‏: the addressee's attention is captured by the title. It is bigger than the rest of the text, orange and surrounded by a lighter colour. However it is the text and the layout that attract you most.
  • Targeting the market: the targeting is made through both the headline and the price. They are underlined by colours.

Therefore the potential customer is a person who wants to eat tasty meat dishes paying a resonable price.
e.g: Sunday Carvery- £ 9.95.

  • Justifying product/ service: the importance of the product is indicated by exhortative verbs and adjectives.
  • Detailing the product/ service: the advertisment describes and identifies products and sevices of the restaurant giving a detailed list of the dishes.
  • Offering incentives: the addressee is incentived to come to the restaurant because of the cheap price: £ 9.95, which is also typed both in a different colour (green) and size.
  • Soliciting response: "call us now to book your table on 020 8232 2000"

This statement is situated at the bottom of the page in the same light orange colour in which the headline is written.
It is also thanks to the persuasive function of "call us now" and the type of the phone number that the sentence acquires stronger pressure.

Martina Buso

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