Terra is a restaurant that promotes a special week in which there will be a discount for wines.
The text is a list of dishes and for this reason the analysis will concern the register.
I’ll deal with some aspects:

1. Premodification:

Consists in packed words through the use of adjectives. This method allows to unite many words in a simple element to simplify the period’s structure.
roasted corn cream -> cream of roasted corn
Caramelized shallot potato mash -> potato mash with caramelized shallot

2. Specific Terminology:

Referred to the culinary area with borrowings of other languages without any modification:
a. Italian: Calamari,gorgonzola,radicchio,macaroni,Asiago
b. Spanish: Dulche de Leche
c. Danish: Havarti cheese
d. French: Brie
e. Argentinean: Chimichurri

Register’s multidimensionality depends on 3 components that I’ve defined in this text:

Field: The possibility of having a discount in a week for wines according to the price of the meal.

Tenor: The text is directed to those who love international food with excellent wine. The text is a simple list of dishes that does not resort to persuasive stratagems. The only element is the subtitle “Indulge.. Relax” that invites people to try this restaurant.

Mode: Use of written channel. What allow people to have a clear idea of the main information is the division into paragraphs according to:
Different courses: (-first course-, -second course-and –dessert-)
The name of the restaurant in headline: (TERRA)
The duration of the promotion’s period in bold: (Week Jan 18th –Jan 23rd )
The suggested wines in italic: (Ruffino Mondavi 2006 Chardonnay, Napa Valley)
The incentive: the discount for wines in italic ($5 discount for wines $40.00 and under)

What allows textual cohesion and coherence is the repetition of the lexical structure (choice of one of the following..).
This makes easy the conceptualization of the message.

Serena Cristofori

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