Thanks Mum


What I am supposed to do here is to analyse the advertisement "Thanks mum" by Holiday Inn -Hotels & Resorts. For that reason I consider the Register Analysis the best way to reach this purpose, as it focuses mainly on the communicatives roles of the participants and the interpersonal meaning in a promotional text.

Context of Culture

All over the world reigns the idea that mother is a special and reliable figure for her children and who, according to this, deserves to be celebrated with a solemn party worthy of her.

Context of Situation

It is defined by:

Field: invitation to take part in a buffet lunch at a good price prepared by Holiday Inn London in order to celebrate mothers, as it is said in "Enjoy a sumptuous buffet in the Island Restaurant with all the family".

Tenor: the relationship between the participants is quite close thanks to the pronoun "we", which is repeated four times through the text, and to the language. In fact it is direct and exhortative ("What would we do without our mums?", "…we will even provide a special gift for Mum!") and reports the spoken speech, as in "So at least" and "mum", and a way of saying, that is "What would we do without our mums?".

Mode: the text of this advertisement affects the attention of the possible customer more, because it is made up of an image and a written part.
The image is big (half advertisement) and shows the precise moment of motherly love in which the daughter gives her mother the participation to the buffet lunch as present. Moreover the smiles, the flowers and the hot colours emphasize these positive and involving feelings.
Also the written text contains a headline and is divided into two paragraphs, both accompanied by a headline written in green and in bold.
The headline "THANKS MUM" is eye-cathing, because it is written in capitals and surrounded by hot colours and outline flowers.
The first paragraph rules a persuasive function, as its title attracts the customer for the affordable price offered and the rest of the text for the way of saying, the vocatives, the pronoun "we" and the exaggerated adjectives "sumptuous" and "special", that underline the uniqueness of the event (lexical boost).
The last one is important, because it supplies the contacts of the addresser.

Activity Sequence and Text Structure

Activity Squence Rhetorical Function Text Structure
describing the product and the targeted market phatic function "Enjoy a suptuous buffet lunch with all the family"
describing the strength of the product conative function "we need to let her know how much we appreciate her", image
persuading consumers to buy the product conative function "We will even provide a special gift for Mum!"
giving a logical reason why buying the product conative function "From £14.95 per adult, children under 12 eat free"

Interpersonal Meaning

The main factors of the interpersonal meaning of this advertisement are:
Affection: it is represented by the scene of the image, the statements and the colours of both the image and the written text.
Status: the possible customers of this service are ordinary families, as the title of the first paragraph showes: "From £14.95 per adult, children under 12 eat free".
Contact: it is characterised by informality, that is the direct, persuasive and easy language used which aims at moving the public emotionally.

Cecilia Scandola

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