Tiki Farm

In this Genre Analysis we focus on the Tiki Farm Bars leaflet whose object is to "invite you to the grand opening of their brand new Tiki Bar…MUGOOMBA".


At first you concentrate your attention on headlines, images and colours which fill the top of the page and give you the most important information:
what: grand opening of a new Tiki Bar
when: Sunday. Oct. 15th; 4pm-9pm.
Furthermore the addresser establishes a contact with the addressee by taking him/her politely into the Tiki Farm world.
This makes the layout attractive and conceives a sense of happiness, pleasure and enjoyment. Moreover the image of an appealing bar fixes firmly in your mind.
The rest of the page is structured in a text divided into 5 paragraphs.
The first and the second one are about the description of the place and the events at Mugoomba,
the third and the fourth one deal with the incentives they offer you, and the last one is about the location.

Now we are going to deal with the main moves structure of advertisements:

1. Headlines: there are two headlines. The first one, Tiki Farm, makes you understand the type of bar/restaurant they are going to introduce you.
Tiki Farm is a chain of Polynasian restaurants. Indeed Tiki refers to a large wood carvings of humanoid forms in Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean. Types, colours and images used (brown and yellow, a lance and a wood mask) convey the idea of ethnic atmosphere. Under the first headline a handwritten subtitle appears and makes the message more immediate and the contact closer.
The second title, Mugoomba, is the specific name of the new bar.

2. Targeting the market: The invitation is directed to those who love tasting exotic food and drinks. It could especially attract young people who want to spent an alternative night and have a good time: “bring your blankets and beach chairs”.

3. Detailing the product: the environment is described like a tropical isle. ”Mugoomba features all of the elements that will transport you away to a tropical isle in your mind".
As a matter of fact the bar allows to deep into Polynesian atmosphere through 3 big aquariums and traditional dances of the Pacific Ocean area.
Therefore the vintage 1930's rattan furniture makes the bar/restaurant more fashionable and attractive.


4. Establishing credentials: The Tiki bar is a well-known and successful chain of restaurants and for this reason Mugoomba will be based on the same high standards of Vintage Tiki Bars. Moreover Tiki Farm is a registered brand ® which gives you the certainty of the value of the restaurant.

5. Celebrity of typical user endorsement: Lil' Rev, who plays Tin Pan Alley Ukulele, is the special guest of the evening. Lil' Rev is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music-historian who teaches and tours nationally, around the continental U.S.

6. Offering incentives and pressure tactics:
"The first 100 guests have the possibility of having free":

  • Mai Tai (a famous cocktail)
  • Hawaiian shaved ice
  • Hawaiian-style plate lunch
  • a Tiki mug (free-bee).

This exhortative sentence is the strategy to make the client hurry up in order to take advantage of the service offered. For this reason it could be considered as a pressure tactic.

7. Conclusion:
Thanks to this analysis we verify that all the typical moves of the Sales Promotion Genre are easily findable. As a consequence we can state that the advertisement, as Swales said, is a “completable structured text”.

Martina Buso
Serena Cristofori

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